COVID-19 Operational Measures and Booking Conditions

We are committed to following government guidelines to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew. To this end we have set up Operational Measures and Booking Conditions, which all passengers should digest before boarding and when attending the cruise.

Conditions before boarding

Event organisers must ensure that all people in their group are aware of this conditions before boarding;

  • Any Person in their group that has had Covid-19 symptoms or have felt unwell during the period of 21 days before the cruise, should stay at home.
  • Organisers must supply Thames Cruises, no later than 4 days in advance of the function, with a list of the name and telephone number of all persons attending the cruise. This is needed for Track and Trace purposes.
  • Thames Cruises should be advised at the time of booking if any member of the group will require physical assistance when boarding the vessel and organisers will be informed if this is possible.
  • When weather permits, the crew will open windows, doors and sliding roofs to increase air flow throughout the vessel.
  • Extra cleaning will be carried out before and after each cruise and during a cruise where practical.
  • Any music played will be at low volume.

Clients Should;

  • Maintain 2 meter social distancing when queuing to enter the pier, at all times when on the pier and when queuing to board the vessel.
  • Maintain 1 metre social distancing at all times when on board the vessel. Be specially vigilant at congestion points such as toilets and exit.
  • Passenger numbers will be reduced by approximately 60% depending on the type of function, to assist social distancing.
  • Follow instructions on pier signs and any signs on board the vessel.
  • Wear a face mask at all time when on the pier.
  • Wear a face mask when moving around the vessel, away from their table, and when practical when at their table.
  • Hand sanitising facilities are in store on the vessels. These must be used on boarding, and frequently thereafter.
  • Sitting at tables will take into account social distancing rules with allowances for family and households bubbles.